Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Art Faeries

A quote from Daisy Yellow's blog post today...

" Please don't waste good art time waiting for the art faerie. That's fruitless; she's busy wrapping up a big gallery show in Reykjav√≠k. "

I love the fact that she's buys in Reykjavik!

Head over to Daisy Yellow for LOTS of FREE art journalling, index carding, and colorful fun.
If you're experiencing angst about being judged on your not so perfect art, having art block or just need a swift kick in the art butt, turn to Daisy Yellow for inspiration!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Drawing Lace

Home sick today
My puppy, Boo, has inspected my art supplies and approved them for rehabilitation.

I tend to be more of a tactile maker, but I enjoy sketching and watercolors, so I've been trying to incorporate a quick sketch into my daily practice.
Today's attempt: a mason jar covered in crochet lace with a plant cutting.

Lace is not easy to draw!  Especially when you're doing a quick sketch.  I started out trying to be perfect and the decided to just go for the look of a spidery lace.

Some other creations...

Hyacinth bulbs.  I like adding the color palette to the piece.  Makes it seem a bit more sketchy.

A whimsical interpretation of a lake nearby.  I sat out in the sunshine and had fun with my daughter on the day I did this.

Do you enjoy doing something your perhaps not so great at?  Then do it anyway!  Nothing wrong with enjoying your time and you sure won't get any better if you don't practice!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Unfinished Steamy Fempunk...ya, that's what I'll call it.

Another Steampunk project and it's for Sandee & Amelie's Steampunk Challenge...AGAIN.
What can I say--I love steampunk.
The challenge this month is "unfinished'.
This was a hard one for me.  What to do? What to do?
I didn't want to make something and just not actually finish the item, although a few of the people in the challenge have and did some really cool looking stuff.  I wanted to uber-challenge myself and make "unfinished" part of my finished project.
Here it steampunk bot? steampunk machine? steampunk fembot?  steampunk mannequin?
I dunno what to call it to be honest.
 Steambot?  Steamy Fempunk?
She still needs a head and arms, but for my part, as a project it is finished.

I started with a paper mache' mannequin from Michael's, hollowed it out, caved in some seams to look like metal pieces, painted it black and then metallized it with rub n' buff.  I also added some small grommets for a more steampunky look.
Inside the hollow I added a soldered metal concoction made up of jewelry, gears, wings and wire to create Steamy Fempunk guts and glue that in.
I reattached the door with copper tape that doubles as a hinge.
I wish I'd planned the doors a little better so I could use actual hinges, but once the Styrofoam was cut, it was a done deal.
I added a skewer that I metallized to the bottom of the mannequin and then embedded it in a wooden candlestick base that I also metallized.  Gears and a flourish were then added because it IS steampunk and ordinary just won't suffice!
To cover the hole in the candlestick I added a medallion that I purchased at craft warehouse some time ago. 
 Last, but certainly not least because it MAKES the theme work, are the wires that lead to the head connection.  I used copper, aluminum and some plastic coated--some of it I curled, some left straight.
There we have it!
My Steamy Fempunk!
Steampunk Wishes to you all and happy creating!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Third-Eye at the Opera

Another steampunk challenge at Sandee & Amelie's!
I do love my steampunk.
January's theme is the number 3

I decided to repurpose a plastic six-pack beer can topper that's used to hold the cans together.

After some cutting, some spray paint, rub n' buffing, shrinky dinking and embellishing I came up with...

 Any steampunker worth there salt would simply have to have access to a third-eye while at something as populated as an opera. 
Why not make it fashionable.
 The lens were created from shrink plastic, which I've found is NOT an exact science.
A dremel ended up being quite useful in sanding my shrinked (shrunk?) discs down to size which were then glued into place.
 The signature third-eye, complete with gauges for adjustment.
Navigational eye
A normal lens for actually seeing the opera.

I used a wire hanger, homemade gauges, beads and embellishments for the dainty holder.
Again, fashion is important.
I just KNOW they'll be the talk of the town!

Happy Day to everyone!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Steampunk Fashion

I should have been painting the front room.
Instead, I made a hat.
A steampunk hat.
  I couldn't resist posing it on our door gargoyle

 Detail Close-ups...
 Metal-look flowers made from a Silhouette rose cutout and hardware cloth
 Random gears and a band made with black edging finished with gold rub n'buf
hinge made of cardboard and embossed with gold powder

feather sprayed painted silver

The hat form itself was made with black plastic that I purchased at a Habitat For Humanity store for only a dollar!

I used a free top hat template by Tom Banwell.
 I sewed the pieces together with black wire
 It wasn't easy and will test your patience, so I recommend have a side-kick who can laugh at your curses in the room with you!

It was her idea to spray paint the plastic with a rust colored paint. 
Now I suppose I need to paint...

After I post this at Sandee & Amelie's October Steampunk Challenge (Steampunk Couture), of course!


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