Friday, April 18, 2014

Steampunk Beauty

I told you I had  the steampunk bug...
I cannot stop!
This time I went for a brush.
Kaely is a hairdresser and she works at a kind of alternative/comicon cosmetic company--I figured this would be perfect, or at the very least it provides a good excuse to punk up the steam!

I started with a brush from Dollar Tree.
After covering the bristles with tape, I spray painted the brush black with chalkboard paint.
I like chalkboard paint because it seems to accept the metallic acrylic paints and rubs better 

I cut gears out of very thin Dollar Tree craft foam.
I then spray painted them with the black chalkboard paint, followed by a coat of metallic craft paint like DecoArt.
Some of the gears are actually lock washers from the hardware store that I embossed.  They come in a variety of sizes and are very inexpensive. a Bing Image search for "printable steampunk gauges" and you will be happily rewarded!
I was very fortunate to find a brush that already had these fabulous scales on it, but I added sauder tacks with tacky glue applied with a toothpick.  After it was dry I painted with gold acrylic followed by a rub of black paint to age it and give it a more metal-like look.

I glued a nut onto the side and added a length of gold wire to create a tube for something...air?  
That's what the gauges are for...  to read the amount of air.  Ya.  Okay, that works ;)

Before passing this lovely on to Kaely I'm entering it in:

S.S. Edison

I love to steampunk.
 I created this miniature electric balloon for Sandee & Amelie's Steampunk Challenge.  
Transparent was the theme for March's challenge.
The cage for the electric balloon (lightbulb) is made of spare necklace chains that I cut and jump-ringed together,  Embellishments also include some junk jewelry I had.
The flag is free from PicMonkey.
I love that you can just click "create" to use their graphics for non-picture projects.
Gears were made from chipboard using my Silhouette and then embossed with copper and gold powders to give a metallic effect.
Basket to carry passengers is a a small black box that I painted black and cover with metallic edging that I got at Hobby Lobby not too long ago.

I have definitely caught the Steampunk bug!
I love the embossing, the metallic rubs, the macabre undertones, the metal, the gears...Oh! I love it all!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Finding Myself

Found this graffiti on one of the bathroom stalls in the Art Dept.
Yes, I did take a photo in a bathroom stall, but I've found that in an Art Dept. that's perfectly acceptable.  In fact, it's expected.

In earlier posts I've talked about learning to balance momhood, school and me.

It's finding the me and keeping the me that's the hard part.

I love art.
I tend to be a perfectionist.
I like to create and get crafty.
I like to do mom stuff.
I like to stalk my blog list and share my stuff on my blog.
I like to walk my dogs.
I like to sit in the sun.
I like having a "just me" goal.

This is my art/creative work lately
While I am using art supplies and stretching my creative muscles a bit, this is homework.  It's worksheets and it's being graded by Seth, my art prof.

I do need spend time doing stuff for Seth, but I also need to do stuff for me.

I'm going to start by cleaning this catastrophe up so I can have my space back.
It's not that I need a clean craft room to create--
I went through my existing art supplies and bought new ones for my classes in such a hurry that I've left myself no surface to create on.

After that I'm going to work on a schedule.
I'm using to the mom schedule which is essentially what everyone else needs done.
Now I'm going to fit a "me" square in there.

And in total non-sequitur form...
Have you seen these awesome napkins from Joann's?!!!
I'm thinking some decopage in my altered Halloween book? :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I needed this. Really.

Thank you SanDee & Amelie!

My little HTML widget prize for my Steampunk Froggy

School, being mom, being me...still trying to find the right balance.

Sometimes even 45 yr. old moms need applause.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Primate Poo

Keep'll make sense.

This is me doing polite color,
leaving lots of space, doing a little journalling about going back to school.

This is me going ape shit on a page that started out with the same background as the page above.
What isn't happening in this?
Won't be using this as an example in my design class for anything!

As a sign of personal growth, though
It's amazing.

I've been trying to challenge myself to add more and not be afraid to go berserker on a page
Did that!

I think I was channeling a little Jodi Ohl here--I just did an online workshop of hers.   I don't want to imply that she's as crazy as this, but I believe some of the techniques are hers.

What's fun is that while it's a mess on its own, bit and pieces of it might be very useful for other pages that need some oomph.

Growth is good and sometimes that means going ape shit.


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